I’m Mariana Nascimento, a Brazilian product designer that works on the intersection of .

During the last 8 years, I have shifted from graphic to user experience design, which reflects my passion for talking to real people and understanding their needs.

Currently, I am simplifying financial services at Nubank, the largest independent digital bank in the world[1] with over 20 million users.[2]

In practice, my team and I apply qualitative research methods to uncover common pain points. Then, I try to solve these problems by designing interfaces that are clean and easy-to-implement.

Before we launch a new product or improvement, we validate if our design actually works. To do so, I conduct face-to-face interviews with real customers. Now, of course, we are doing them remotely.

Most of this work is confidential, but here are a few selected .


In Rio de Janeiro, I studied graphic design at Senac, which offers a course focused on the professional design practice.

Also, I took a two-year specialization course on digital design, offered by ESPM, in addition to a few short courses on UX and UI design.

More recently, in São Paulo, I have earned a Design Sprint certificate after an intense course at Mergo.

Currently, I am learning more about qualitative research through a certified online course, offered by MIT and edX, focused on how conversational interviews can be used to produce rich insights.

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Selected Work

  • Design Research

    Encouraging people to receive their salaries in the bank they actually want


    In Brazil, people usually get paid through the bank their employers choose. This is often a burden, due to high taxes, paperwork and bad customer experience.

    Salary portability is here to help. Our challenge was to improve the user journey of this feature, making Nubank their main account.

    My role: UX and UI design, usability testing

  • Design Research

    Unraveling the meaning of a negative credit card limit


    Banks are hard to understand. And people were frustrated while using one of Nubank’s core features: the adjustment of the credit card limit. This value can sometimes be negative and the reasons were unclear.

    I mapped the most common doubts people had and listed all possible causes. Then, we improved their user experience by presenting visual cues and contextual explanations when this scenario occurred.

    My role: data collection, UX and UI design

  • Design Research

    Reducing plastic waste by creating more incentives for recycling

    Personal project2018

    Only 1% of all plastic is recycled in Brazil. This is why I proposed Ecodots, a service focused on end consumers living in large cities.

    It is a rewards program in which the user trades disposable plastics to earn points. These are then converted into products and discounts at partner stores, like coffee shops.

    My role: competitive analysis, personas, qualitative research, UX and UI design

  • Design Research

    Removing the usual clutter from apps that offer coupons and discounts

    Personal project2018

    The coupon market thrive in crisis. On recent years, it generated over R$ 2 billion for e-commerce in Brazil. Today, there are a lot of scattered apps and websites for finding coupons, usually flooded with pop-ups.

    Focused on delivery and riding apps, I designed Descontei, a centralized platform with clean visuals, that made it easy and fast for people to save money.

    My role: UI design

  • Design Research

    Uncovering accessibility issues while improving my skills on qualitative research

    Class project for MITx2020

    Work in Progress